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What Are CBD’s Effects On The Brain?

What are CBD's effects on the brain? People use CBD to treat anxiety and depression. But, quite often, you’ll read that, unlike THC, CBD is not psychoactive. So, does CBD affect the brain, or doesn't it? Learn more about how CBD affects the brains.

Can CBD Help With Substance Abuse Disorders?

Contemporary views on opioid addiction are often muddled, understandably, in a haze of emotion and misinformation. Even as researchers adapt their understanding of addiction to a disease-based model, medically assisted treatments are still far from the norm. While not approved by the FDA officially for use in treating any ailments, new research has come to light that has many people asking, can CBD help with Substance Abuse Disorders?


Can CBD Help You Quit Smoking?

What if CBD could help you quit smoking? Researchers think they may have found a way to help smokers begin to cut down or even quit for good using CBD.
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