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CBD Pain

CBD Benefits for Pain

One of the most prominent benefits of Cannabidiol is that it helps with pain. It is a great natural pain reliever without any accompanying side effects seen in synthetic pharmaceutical drugs. It prevents neuropathic pain by inhibiting neurons from transmitting signals that are associated with pain. Several medical researches, including one in the Journal of Experimental Medicine, which were conducted on animals established the fact that CBD reduces repetitively occurring muscle inflammation in the body. Unlike morphine and other drugs, the body does not develop tolerance to CBD and hence there is no need to increase its dosage overtime.

A PharmIdeas’ research concluded that non-psychoactive substances found in marijuana such as CBD are extremely beneficial for treating chronic pain. For treatment of multiple sclerosis, an autoimmune disease where in the immune system of the body attacks the nervous system in the areas of brain and spinal cord, CBD and THC were used in conjunction in a study wherein they reduced the neuropathic pain experienced by patients significantly. Considering that it has no adverse effect on vital organs of the body such as liver and kidneys, CBD is a great pain reliever and can be preferred over conventional medicines.