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CBD in the Human Body

CBD has recently been a large area of interest for researchers and scientists who have uncovered some of the most valuable properties of the cannabis plant. Known for its therapeutic effect, CBD is one of the main and more effective chemicals found in cannabis. But how does CBD work in the body?

Studies from the University of Sao Paulo (see here) have discovered that CBD targets a serotonin receptor thats involved with regulation of anxiety, pain, appetite, addiction, and others. Once CBD touches these receptors, it produces an antidepressant affect. 

As well as this, CBD can also interact with receptors that are responsible for inflammation and body temperature. The anti-cancer argument for CBD is backed up as well. The activation of receptors located on our cell's nucleus are proved to induce tumor regression and growth prevention of these types of cells. More studies can of course be conducted for further information but what we have is promising and a big step forward into this type of medicine becoming more commonplace.