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older gentleman

Is CBD use Increasing in the older population?

If you ask Grace Waldman from Oregon, she would say that CBD has changed her life and would recommend it to any one suffering from anxiety and agitation. 

Waldman was living at home with help from her caregivers but was experiencing horrible anxiety due to her dementia. Her regular doctor had been prescribing her anti-anxiety pills but these seemed to increase her episodes. Her caregivers decided to go towards the round of marijuana and decided to contact the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program who suggested changing Grace's anxiety medication to an alternative in CBD being how it is accessible in the states of Oregon and Washington. 

They were briefed on how CBD will not make her feel "stoned" as other components of cannabis might and after given some time to let the med work its effect, Grace was starting to show signs of more relaxation and less agitation. 

Making a medical marijuana decision is best said to do after considering all other options The Oregon Medical Marijuana program suggests that on a daily basis, adults 50 and up are conciously making the decision to learn more about the health benefits of cannabis extract and such alternatives to prescribed pills and antibiotics in order to improve on certain health issues.