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Cancer cell being tested

CBD vs Cancer

As laws permitting Medical Cannabis and Cannabis derived chemicals expand nationwide, cancer patients are seeing an alternative to their habit-forming pills. 

Findings from published lab studies are suggesting Cannabidiol (CBD) can target certain pathways in cancers such as Leukemia. Put simply, when CBD chemicals are connect to the receptors in our bodies, it can cause an increase in Ceramide Synthesis which can drive the death of bad cancer cells. 

Associate professor of Immunolgy at Mercer University School of Medicine suggests further studies are needed to verify that CBD can potentially KILL cancer cells. However, as of now, the chemicals are proved to work to alleviate some of the horrible symptoms that can come with cancer and its treatments. 

"Combined with other targeted therapies, which again, specifically target the cancer cells, you give it a one-two punch and hopefully reduce side effects and improve efficacy of treatment"

From women who have developed breast cancer, to patients with cancerous tumors, to children born with Leukemia, can all feel optimistic about these new findings. One would feel more comfortable with a natural aide rather a synthetically derived medicine. A mother and father would prefer their sick child taking CBD infused gummies or oils for treatment rather than a collection of pills which can eventually lead to liver problems and other detrimental effects down the road. A new alternative medicine and symptom relief for cancer patients leads hopes of a cure for cancer in the distant future.