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Does CBD Show Up On Drug Tests?

As an employed citizen, chances are you've been tripped up with a drug test here and there at some point in your career. Of course we know THC intake will show on a drug test but how about its best friend CBD? 

The chemicals used in drug tests are not designed to react with CBD. They are not used to detect cannabidiol. Depending on how the CBD is injested, one might want to take precaution. 

A lot of CBD products and hemp oils might say CBD-rich but may not be 100% pure. Some products might contain small amounts of THC even if not noted in the name. It is always important to check the nutrition facts before buying a CBD product. 

Put simply, if your CBD medicine is pure, than it should not even detect a hint on a drug test. However, if a product contains other cannabinoids such as THC, then these will definitely be detected by a drug test. Being knowledgeable is your best chance to staying safe in this new, developing medicine.