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Does Hemp Oil Make Skin Look Younger And Healthier?

Does Hemp Oil Make Skin Look Younger And Healthier?

Hemp oil is fast becoming a go-to product among consumers for its health and healing properties. A natural antioxidant, hemp oil makes for one of the best products when it comes to everything from heart health to watching one’s weight. But what about the power of hemp oil when it comes to skincare? Does hemp oil really make skin look younger and healthier?

Hemp Oil and The Power of Vitamin E

According to Diamond Hemp, one of the reasons that hemp oil is so great for the skin is because it is so abundant in vitamin E. What that means is that, when used on the skin, hemp oil will both preserve and protect skin.

“Vitamin E in hemp seed oil is a natural preservative, and it works as a protective antioxidant against the environment,” notes an article on The Diamond Hemp Blog. “Your skin deals with a lot when you go outside, from the sun to the cold air. The antioxidant power of hemp seed oil is a great way to counteract such harsh environmental stressors on your skin.”

Hemp Oil and Sensitive Skin

Another reason that hemp oil can help skin to feel smoother and younger has to do with the fact that it is incredibly gentle. According to Diamond Hemp, hemp oil, especially in the form of hemp creams and hemp moisturizers, is perfect for sensitive skin. It does not cause a reaction nor will it cause the skin to dry out.

As the article on Diamond Hemp noted, “Where most creams and other beauty products are filled with chemicals and toxins that may cause you to break out, or worse, hemp seed oil protects your skin. It goes on gently.”

Hemp Oil and Oily Skin

People with oily skin may prefer to use creams and lotions made from hemp oil as well. According to Diamond Hemp, hemp oil skin care products are not greasy like those typically found on store shelves. Not only does that mean that there’s no greasy film-like feeling on the skin after using it, but that it’s perfect for any skin type.

“But all natural hemp seed oil products — hemp creams and hemp scrubs —moisturize without that greasy, heavy feeling,” noted Diamond Hemp. “That means they’re great for all skin types, even those of you with oily skin.”

The Perfect Skin Solution?

In fact, according to Diamond Hemp, hemp oil in all forms, hemp moisturizers, hemp creams, and hemp scrubs are perfect for the skin. Not only do they have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, but they are rich in essential amino acids which research shows can help to keep muscles strong and healthy as well. So, whether it is for the heart, or for the skin, or for something else, hemp oil really is the perfect, all-natural product.