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Can CBD Help Your Pet?

Much like humans, treating a pet's ailment can become pricey. Pets can suffer from things like anxiety, allergies, arthritis and cancer. Can CBD be used to help them in a similar fashion that it is used to help humans? 


Everything You need to know about Cannabidiol

CBD's first major impression out to the world came out in a big way when the chemical in the simple plant stopped an epileptic seizure in its track on U.S. National Television. Since then, the popularity and the portrayals of CBD actually working to aid certain illnesses has gone way up. 


Hemp vs. Marijuana: What is CBD?

With the growing popularity of the cannabis industry and the availability of information regarding medical marijuana, we are in a better position to understand the benefits and wonders of this plant. As much as we get to know about the benefits of cannabis, we are also exposed to a lot of ambiguity and misconception. Let’s understand the different types of CBD products available in the stores around us.


What’s The Future of Pet CBD Oil?

CBD oil is an amazing substance with a long list of potential health benefits for humans — and animals, for that matter. As CBD oil continues to steamroll into the mainstream, it’s all but inevitable that pet CBD oil will become both a common health supplement for pets and possibly even a therapeutic agent for the treatment of serious pet ailments.


What Are The Top Misconceptions About CBD Oil?

Google, gives back over 57 million search results for the phrase “how to use CBD oil.” Among this vast repository of knowledge, is some useful information, along with everything from misleading to downright non-factual information as well.

Some of the confusion comes from the fact that there are two kinds of CBD, derived from either hemp or marijuana. In fact, the latter is called cannabis oil. A consumer who is not schooled in the subtleties of cannabis products may often confuse the two.


Here’s 5 Reasons Why Pot Smokers Need CBD Oil

There is plenty of myth and misinformation floating around about CBD as it relates to marijuana users. The truth is there is a myriad of reasons why pot smokers may possibly benefit from supplementing their marijuana use with a little CBD oil.

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