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Synthetic vs Natural CBD

First isolated and synthesized in 1940, Roger Adams was one of the first to derive the chemical CBD. With this discovery, a few questions arose.

What are structural differences between natural and synthetic CBD?

Can CBD's properties be used for medical purpose?


CBD Benefits for Mental Illness or Anxiety

A 2011 study in the Journal of Psychopharmacology has noted that Cannabidiol is extremely beneficial for patients suffering from specific forms of mental illness or even anxiety. It has exhibited neuroleptic effects similar to antipsychotic drugs in researches involving animals. This makes CBD a prime candidate for treatment of persons suffering from delusions, hallucinations and paranoia. In studies involving humans, psychosis was artificially induced in subjects and CBD was given.


CBD: Marijuana without the high

Sci Show created a short video discussing CBD. When most people hear about marijuana, they think about the high caused by THC. But what if marijuana didn’t cause a high? Well it can happen, with a little cannabinoid called CBD. 


Is Medical Marijuana different from Recreational Marijuana?

All marijuana has medicinal value even if used recreationally. What are the differences between those who must take it for illnesses to those who use it solely for its psychoactive effect. 

Taxes are the number one thing differentiating medical marijuana and recreational marijuana. As a medicine, it is offered just as any other prescription is priced. However, for those who use the plant for a recreational purpose, a small tax is to be added. 


What does CBD stand for and what is it?

CBD is an abbreviated form of Cannabidiol. It is a cannabis compound and accounts for as much as 40% of the extract of the plant. It has several medical benefits and its significant difference from THC is its non-psychoactive effects that do not make people get a feeling of being stone like THC does. This is the reason for its great appeal among patients commonly suffering from pain, inflammation, seizures, anxiety spasms and desire to get relief without getting the feeling of dysphoria


What is CBD?

Weedmaps TV takes a closer look at the active ingredients in Cannabidiol, the benefits, and how it is synthesized in the cannabis plant. Know your medicine before taking it! 

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