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FDA Calls CBD “Beneficial," wants your opinion

The Food and Drug Administration in a recent statement called CBD “beneficial” and is soliciting public comments with regard to its therapeutic benefits.

The FDA is gathering the comments in order to prepare a response to a request from the UN-based World Health Organization. The WHO is considering changes to CBD’s status in its drug scheduling code.

Despite its therapeutic properties and lack of abuse potential, and despite the fact that seventeen states recognize CBD as a therapeutic agent, CBD is currently listed as a Schedule 1 drug by the US Drug Enforcement Administration making it technically illegal in the US.

CBD’s safety has been established in numerous trials. The head of the US National Institute on Drug Abuse has publically acknowledged that CBD is “a safe drug with no addictive effects.”

CBD is reported to be an effective treatment in a wide range of ailments. Recent clinical trials have suggested that CBD mitigates the frequency of refractory epileptic seizures, reduces blood pressure, and improves the quality of life in Parkinson’s patients.

The true nature of the request and the report has activists presuming the worst.

International Cannabis Farmers Association board member, Dr. Amanda Reiman said, “I wish I were more confident that this is a sign of the federal government finally coming around to the medicinal value of cannabis,” adding she is “fearful that this is happening because they have figured out how to pharmaceuticalize CBD and are looking for a way to move it from the illicit market into a pharmaceutical one. That being said, everyone should have access to CBD, whether it is in a pill or in the plant.”

NORML deputy director Paul Armentano isn’t optimistic. His response: “Given the longstanding politicization of the cannabis plant, it would hardly be surprising to see those involved in this decision maintain their ‘flat Earth’ position as it pertains to the safety and efficacy of cannabis and organic cannabinoids."

If you have experience with using CBD as a therapeutic treatment, please take a moment to let the FDA know your thoughts and experiences.

Click here to participate.

The FDA is accepting public comments on this topic until September 13, 2017.