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Guide to Cannabis Allergies and Symptoms

Stories of cannabis related allergies have been emerging at a growing rate since it became legal. This has tended to stray away consumers, bud tenders, and even some medical patients with a variety of symptoms. 

It's important to differentiate between legitimate cannabis allergy symptoms and allergic reactions to substances found in cannabis that are not a part of the process of the plant such as mold that can occur. Some of the accounts can even be credited to bad reactions to both the mold and the plant. Cannabis is just like any other plant. It dies, and can go bad after a certain period of time. This is why the extracts are highly recommended for long term use as they last longer than a plant would.

The presence of fungal contamination in marijuana samples seen in specific research has been seen to put patients at risk for invasive disease. Cannabis pollen inhalation has been noted to cause symptoms of allergic rhinitis and asthma. Pollen, which is released from weeds, trees, and plants such as and especially cannabis is a common creator of allergies. 

Cases of skin irritation have also arose from the consumption of cannabis or its products. However studies show that to be on the cautious side, one of the safer and better ways of intaking cannabis is through one of its main extracts CBD. The process of extracting the chemical CBD from the plant usually gets rid of all the known allergens of the cannabis plant. Medical professionals would suggest CBD as the safer, wholesome way to use cannabis. However, more and more research is being done as more is discovered about side effects to the use of cannabis.