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Guides and How To's

Guides and How To's

Score the health benefits of cannabis without getting high

Want to explore the wellness advantages of cannabis but don't want to "get high" or feel out of control in any way? There is actually a way to reap the plant's rewards without doing so. It's called CBD! 

Cannibidiol is the second major compound found in marijuana. CBD offers a subtle sensation usually described as a mild body high with no impact on your mind. Not being part of the major discussion until recently, the cannabis plant has actually been known for centuries to treat everything from anxiety to epilepsy. 

Guides and How To's

What are the different ways to take CBD?

CBD has begun to gain popularity in the industry concerned with medical marijuana because of its non-psychotic effects and its ability to free people from various types of pains and anxieties. Below are the different ways in which CBD can be consumed:

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