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Does CBD Oil Have Any Adverse Drug Interactions?

When taking CBD to treat a medical condition, it’s important to know whether or not it can interact chemically with other medications. Some interactions may be beneficial to a person, while others can be highly dangerous. Moreover, specific drug effects may increase while others may result in a decreased effect. In some people, a new effect can also be produced which is not characteristic of either substance.


What Are The 10 Most Common Qualifying Conditions For CBD Oil?

So far, 29 states, plus Puerto Rico and Washington D.C. have passed laws permitting doctors to recommend CBD oil to their patients. What this means is that the lawmaking bodies in these states have listened to the testimony and looked at the evidence and decided that CBD has some possible medical value.

Each state allowing doctors to recommend CBD oil has its own list of qualifying conditions. While some states include broad categories of qualifying conditions, others strictly limit doctors to a short list of, particularly severe conditions.


What Are The Side Effects of CBD Oil?

Does CBD have side effects? It’s believed to have numerous health benefits from relieving pain to easing anxiety to lowering blood pressure. But does it have any unwanted side effects?

What Do Medical Professionals Think Of CBD?

With all of the claims floating around today about cannabidiol (CBD), both research-based and anecdotal, it is essential that consumers know to include their doctor or medical professionals into the conversations they have about this wonderful extract. Every person is unique, and each person’s body can react differently to various nutrients, chemicals, and drugs, including CBD.


CBD Shows Potential In Treating Symptoms of Alzheimer's Disease 

As CBD becomes more and more accepted by the general public as a natural remedy for various ailments, the medical world is also now beginning to realize CBD’s potential as a treatment for Alzheimer’s Disease.

Research and investigation into CBD’s potential as a treatment for Alzheimer’s Disease are revealing that the compound may potentially be effective in treating this neurodegenerative disorder. But federal strictures continue to pose obstacles to investigation.

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