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Illnesses/Conditions CBD can improve

When it comes to cannabis talk, CBD seems to be a priority topic especially when it comes to its medicinal properties. CBD is proven to offer a strong positive effect on symptoms such as anxiety, depression, and a few others. Here are some conditions that can start improve or be prevented with the help of CBD.



5 reasons why CBD should be in your health regimen

Cannabidiol, being an efficient herbal extract with beneficial properties, has increased its popularity within the the marketplace, the common household, and even the medical field. As research continues to expand on the uknown benefits that CBD can induce, we can give you a rundown on the various benefits discovered so far and how they should be included in your health plan to positively affect your lifestyle.

Energy: Kickstart your day right


CBD vs Cancer

As laws permitting Medical Cannabis and Cannabis derived chemicals expand nationwide, cancer patients are seeing an alternative to their habit-forming pills. 


Acne and CBD

Acne is considered the most common skin condition in the United States and while it is more pronounced in adolescents it can affect anyone at any age. Acne is caused, in part, by inflammation and overworked sebaceous glands on the body. The Journal of Clinical Investigation however found that CBD helps to lower the production of sebum that leads to acne, partly because of its anti-inflammatory effect on the body. CBD also helps reduce anxiety which stops the production of hormones that are inviting to acne.


Can CBD Help Your Memory?

Most people believe marijuana is to blame when it comes to memory loss. This is not entirely true, it depends on the cannabidoids that are consumed. The most common impairment for someone that consumes marijuana is short term memory but this is due to THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the principal psychoactive constituent (or cannabinoid) of cannabis. 


CBD in the Human Body

CBD has recently been a large area of interest for researchers and scientists who have uncovered some of the most valuable properties of the cannabis plant. Known for its therapeutic effect, CBD is one of the main and more effective chemicals found in cannabis. But how does CBD work in the body?

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