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Does Hemp Oil Make Skin Look Younger And Healthier?

Hemp oil is fast becoming a go-to product among consumers for its health and healing properties. A natural antioxidant, hemp oil makes for one of the best products when it comes to everything from heart health to watching one’s weight. But what about the power of hemp oil when it comes to skincare? Does hemp oil really make skin look younger and healthier?


What Are The Top Misconceptions About CBD Oil?

Google, gives back over 57 million search results for the phrase “how to use CBD oil.” Among this vast repository of knowledge, is some useful information, along with everything from misleading to downright non-factual information as well.

Some of the confusion comes from the fact that there are two kinds of CBD, derived from either hemp or marijuana. In fact, the latter is called cannabis oil. A consumer who is not schooled in the subtleties of cannabis products may often confuse the two.


Why Veterans Groups Are Advocating For CBD

As CBD gains in popularity and prominence, veterans groups across the country have joined a chorus of voices in praising its benefits while fiercely advocating for more widespread use of the hemp extract. Soldiers and their families have taken to lobbying Washington and their local politicians for more access to CBD in hopes of combating a slew of ailments unique to the veteran population. With Memorial Day right around the corner, it is worth examining why veterans groups are pushing for more expanded use of CBD among the military community.


What’s The Difference Between CBD Oil and Hemp Oil

As cannabis extracts gain popularity across the globe, media and industry executives shower the public with a cacophony of interchangeable terms, often incorrectly, such as “hemp oil” and “CBD oil” to call attention to particular product and brands. Though similar in origin, hemp oil and CBD oil are derived in different ways and used for varying purposes. So, what exactly is the difference between CBD oil and hemp oil?


New Educational Site Uses Infographics and Videos To Enlighten Consumers On Benefits of CBD

Everyone has their own medium of choice for education. Some prefer the written word, some are more visual. content focuses on the medical benefits of cannabidiol (CBD) and uses articles, infographics and videos to help those seeking information on CBD develop a deeper understanding using the mediums with which they are most comfortable.


So, Now You Can Drink CBD in... Water?

One of the newest innovations in CBD consumption is, on first impression, one of the simplest possible, but actually takes a surprising amount of science. This is CBD water, bottled drinking water with CBD added to it, and it is sold by a few companies, most of which have popped on the scene within the last year. These brands include CBD Living Water, CBD Fusion Water, Hemp Springs, Canna Nano Water, Nano H2O Hemp Infused Water, and Hemp Rain. They are mostly available online.

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