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hemp vs mary

Hemp vs. Marijuana: What is CBD?

With the growing popularity of the cannabis industry and the availability of information regarding medical marijuana, we are in a better position to understand the benefits and wonders of this plant. As much as we get to know about the benefits of cannabis, we are also exposed to a lot of ambiguity and misconception. Let’s understand the different types of CBD products available in the stores around us.

The CBD products that we usually find on the internet or in the nearby stores are extracted from agricultural hemp. This means that they have an insignificant amount of THC in it, which is usually less than 0.03%. On the contrary, the CBD products that we may normally find in dispensaries run under the state regulations have different ratios of THC and CBD. They are also extracted from high-resin marijuana.

Both these types can be referred to as cannabis because the agricultural hemp as well as medical marijuana are extracted from the same plant type, which is Cannabis Sativa. This makes it a little ambiguous as to which one should you consume for your own needs. The solution is to know the subspecies of plants they are extracted from. Hemp are extracted from steam, seeds and stalks while medical cannabis contents are found mainly in flowers of the plant.