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Here’s 5 Reasons Why Pot Smokers Need CBD Oil

There is plenty of myth and misinformation floating around about CBD as it relates to marijuana users. The truth is there is a myriad of reasons why pot smokers may possibly benefit from supplementing their marijuana use with a little CBD oil.

It is important to note that cannabis affects each person uniquely. Everything from the strain being used to one’s genetic makeup, to the basics such as sex, height, and weight can create a different response for each user. Even recent meals and length of use can both be a factor, which is why the following points are simply guidelines meant to give an idea of how CBD may affect cannabis users.

Many cannabis users wonder if CBD can enhance their experience. Here are five reasons why pot smokers need CBD oil.

CBD Inhibits The Brain’s Affinity For THC

CBD inhibits the brain’s affinity for THC and thereby reduces its effects. For those that don’t want CBD to kill their “buzz,” they should simply avoid using CBD oil while high. But, for those looking for a unique way to come down from their high, a good dose of CBD oil is what can help to bring a person back down to earth.

CBD won’t completely kill a THC high. What it will do is lessen the effects of the THC that’s still swimming around in the bloodstream waiting to pass by a brain cell and latch onto a receptor. Some time after taking CBD some percentage of these THC molecules will be met with “no-vacancy signs.” This effect may potentially prevent someone from becoming even higher, and shorten the length of a buzz, but it won’t kill it completely.

It may also reduce some of the anxiety and paranoia that can come with overconsumption.

CBD May Counter Anxiety and Paranoia

Some people, especially first-time cannabis users, can have a problem with paranoia and anxiety if they’ve gone overboard with the herb. Fortunately, by far the most common reasons people use CBD is to reduce anxiety which can cause paranoid thoughts.

CBD has a way of mimicking naturally occurring signaling compounds which are created in the synapses of brain cells. The purpose of these molecules is to turn off fear responses and reduce anxiety when a stressful situation has passed. Without this mechanism, people would be curled up in the corner shivering with fear for some time after they are no longer in danger.

CBD is also commonly used to treat specific categories of anxiety, such as panic attacks, PTSD, OCD and so on. Therefore, when someone is feeling overly paranoid and wants to “turn down the dial” a bit, they should try using some CBD oil.

CBD Reportedly Helps Some Users Remember Dreams

Cannabis users have issues remembering their dreams, however, according to some studies dreams are important. No one knows exactly why they are important, yet, but researchers have found that a reduction in dream time can have devastating results on the ability to function.

Dreams occur during a period of sleep called REM sleep, which stands for Rapid Eye Movement. When dreaming, a person’s eyes are one of the few parts of the body that respond to what’s happening.  They will move very rapidly. The phenomenon can be seen in the eyelids of anyone who is dreaming.

Use of THC tends to dampen the positive effects of REM sleep and can have a negative impact on the mind and body. A good dose of CBD oil before hitting the sack can help someone sleep better, make them more aware of their dreams, and improve their dream recall.

CBD May Help To Protect Brain Cells

Although the old wives tale about how THC can kill brain cells is not true, it is true that it can reduce the number of axons — the connections between nerve cells — and affect their performance.

There are also other enemies of brain cells in the environment aside from THC that can indeed kill them. According to research, CBD may act as a neuroprotectant and help to keep brain cells healthy and thriving.

CBD Affects Marijuana Strains

Marijuana comes in a variety of strains. There are strains which fall under the category of sativa which will generally have uplifting qualities —some users refer to this as a “head buzz” or a “high.” There are also strains which are categorized as indicas which produce a much more pronounced “body high,” which people often refer to as being “stoned.” There are also hybrid strains which mix the genetics of sativas and indicas in various ways to provide combinations of effects.

One of the reasons that indicas produce more of a body high is because they are generally much higher in CBD than sativas?

So, if someone has a sativa strain, but would like a little less energy and little more relaxation, vaping CBD oil or downing some CBD-infused edibles might be just the thing to take the edge off the sativa high.