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CBD in Peru

How the Rest of the World is Contributing to the fight for CBD

Buscando Esperanza (Searching for Hope) is a Peruvian based organization that campaigns for medical marijuana and has grown to over 200 members since its establishment in 2014. This campaign group was formed by two mothers, Ana Alvarez and Dorothy Santiago, who had children that had been affected with a rare and severe form of epilepsy known as Lennox-Gastaut syndrome. After noticing none of the medicines and treatment being administered to their sons worked, they turned to an alternative in CBD. Both mothers claim their children's seizures had settled and they regained their appetite and were able to sleep after starting a CBD treatment for a few days. 

Dr. Juan Lock, one of the founding members of Buscando Ezperanza, attends to many members of the organization by spreading information on CBD and administering various treatments. 

"We are helping many people with conditions which conventional and pharmaceutical medication could not resolve, most patients are elderly, with afflictions ranging from arthrosis to terminal cancer." 

Peru faces some of the same political confusion and debate about medical marijuana as many other countries. Its use and research funding, as of now, is considered illegal. 

However, in the meantime, Alvarez will continue to use the black market to attain the cannabis she needs to make the oil until law is changed and CBD becomes acceptable in Peru. Groups and advocates like these will continue their fight towards legalization and spreading awareness about the benefits of Cannabidiol. 

“We do all this out of love for our children. We are not criminals. We are mothers who are demanding our children’s right to wellbeing” Alvarez says.