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CBD Wellness Guide

New Educational Site Uses Infographics and Videos To Enlighten Consumers On Benefits of CBD

Everyone has their own medium of choice for education. Some prefer the written word, some are more visual. content focuses on the medical benefits of cannabidiol (CBD) and uses articles, infographics and videos to help those seeking information on CBD develop a deeper understanding using the mediums with which they are most comfortable.

CBD Wellness Guide’s infographics and videos are developed to give consumers insight into how CBD might help treat ailments such as epilepsy, depression, anxiety, diabetes, addiction, and much more. The site’s editors use information obtained from research journals, article, news releases, case studies, interviews, and contributions from experts in CBD for medicinal use to educate consumers in language they can easily understand.

CBD Wellness Guide is funded by a grant from CBD distributor, High Country Group, LLC. Cody Salisbury, CEO and president at High Country Group, says the grant was made to help consumers get a better understanding of the benefits of CBD, to get them comfortable with using CBD products properly.

Launched on January 1st, 2018, the site’s mission is to become a household name as a source for accurate information about CBD.

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CBD for Depression Infographic