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Why Veterans Groups Are Advocating For CBD

As CBD gains in popularity and prominence, veterans groups across the country have joined a chorus of voices in praising its benefits while fiercely advocating for more widespread use of the hemp extract. Soldiers and their families have taken to lobbying Washington and their local politicians for more access to CBD in hopes of combating a slew of ailments unique to the veteran population. With Memorial Day right around the corner, it is worth examining why veterans groups are pushing for more expanded use of CBD among the military community.


Why does CBD make me feel so good?

Any cannabis connoisseur will say that marijuana has a never ending list of positive effects. There is such list but the chemicals found in cannabis all vary in use and effect. 


Does CBD Show Up On Drug Tests?

As an employed citizen, chances are you've been tripped up with a drug test here and there at some point in your career. Of course we know THC intake will show on a drug test but how about its best friend CBD? 

The chemicals used in drug tests are not designed to react with CBD. They are not used to detect cannabidiol. Depending on how the CBD is injested, one might want to take precaution. 

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