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CBD Gel Capsules

What are CBD Gel Capsules?

CBD capsules are one of the most convenient and cost-effective ways to use CBD. But what exactly is in those squishy little golden ellipsoids? What are they made of, and how do you use them?

Just like many liquid medications, like Advil Gel Caps, CBD can be encapsulated in what are called gel capsules The synthetic gelatin is the same edible, jelly substance used to make things such as Jello and gummy bears. When swallowed, they dissolve in the stomach, releasing their contents.

Gel caps eliminate problems such as unpleasant flavors, degradation due to air exposure, or the need for air-tight storage. Since each pill-sized capsule is a self-contained unit, dosage can be more accurately regulated, and the potential of spilling valuable oil is eliminated. They can also be easily punctured to get at the oil for topical (skin) use.

Individual brands and products come in different dosages and concentrations, so be sure you understand how much CBD you’re actually getting in each capsule so you can determine how many you need to eat to get your dosage.

CBD gel capsules are ideal for people on the go, who want a fast, accurate dosage every time, with no mess.