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CBD Wax Isolate

What Are CBD Isolates?

Simply put, CBD isolate is the most purified form of CBD - usually between 98 and 99 percent purity. One of the biggest advantages of CBD isolate is the accuracy of dosing. When using an unadulterated isolate you know precisely how much CBD you're getting. When you weight out ten milligrams of solid CBD isolate, you know that's exactly how much CBD you're consuming.

CBD isolate is solid and comes in a crystalline, or crumbly wax form. Pure crystal isolate is created by distilling cannabis extracts. Each cannabinoid has its own evaporation temperature making it possible to isolate individual cannabinoids such as CBD and THC. Once recondensed CBD becomes solid at room temperature.

CBD isolate can also be used to make near pure liquid concentrate, similar to but distinct from CBD oil, in which the isolate is dissolved in an oil base such as glycerine. This article on the DiamondCBD blog, which sells a variety of both liquid and solid isolate, goes into more detail on the differences between liquid CBD isolate and CBD oil.

CBD isolates are often used for "dabbing" - the process of smoking or vaporizing the isolate. The dose itself is called a "dab." Although CBD isolate can also be used in cooking, dabbing CBD provides an almost instant effect and higher bioavailability than oral applications.