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side effects of CBD

What Are The Side Effects of CBD Oil?

It’s believed to have numerous health benefits from relieving pain to easing anxiety to lowering blood pressure. But does CBD oil have any side effects?

Quite often, medicinally beneficial herbal compounds can have more than one effect. Some of those effects are desirable, of course. But others may not be so welcome or beneficial. These, of course, are called side effects.

Desired Effects Vs. Side Effects

To know whether or not a treatment has side effects, you have to know what the desired effects are.

Nyquil is a perfect example. Nyquil was invented to relieve cold symptoms, but it also had the marked effect of putting people to sleep. So the makers of Nyquil decided to make the side effect the desired effect and market it as the “ you can rest” medicine.

So, to determine if CBD oil has unwanted side effects, you have to determine the desired effects.

It’s important to note here that many medications also have adverse side effects such as ulcers that aren’t of benefit to anyone. CBD does not have any adverse side effects.

What Are CBD’s Desired Effects?

Well, as we said, there are numerous reasons people take CBD oil. One person might take it to increase their alertness during the day. Another person might use it to help them sleep at night, for instance.

Where it gets interesting is that one person’s desired effects might be another person’s side effect. CBD oil can have different effects on different people. If a person is trying CBD oil to relieve pain, but it makes them too relaxed to do their job properly, they might consider drowsiness a side effect.

But why does CBD oil effect different people in different ways?

It really is true. Everyone is different— especially at a molecular and cellular level. There are as many kinds of bodies as there are people.

CBD oil works something like this:

The human brain takes in information from the nervous system and responds to imbalances in the body by releasing chemicals that signal cells to change what they’re doing.

CBD oil mimics certain chemical compounds which are used in this signaling process. The receptors for these signals are found on the membranes of cells throughout the body—especially on the major organs and in the brain. This signaling system controls a wide variety of bodily functions from metabolism to inflammatory response.

Everyone’s body has different amounts of these receptors, and engaging them can make them act in different ways depending on which other signaling chemicals are floating around in the body.

In other words… it’s complicated.

What Are CBD’s Possible Side Effects?

Some people take CBD oil to help them sleep at night. Some might take it to be more alert during the daytime. For many insomniacs, it seems to work like a charm. For others, it might make them become more alert. And in someone who needs to be more alert, making them more relaxed would be an unwanted side effect.

Some people might take CBD oil to help them metabolize fat. For some, it works. For others, CBD might increase their appetite. That may or may not be an unwanted side effect.

Some people might find that CBD oil has a laxative effect. Some claim that it gives them dry mouth. Some Parkinson’s patients who try CBD have great results. Others show an increase in tremors, albeit rarely.

CBD is also known to lower blood pressure, which can be extremely desirable in some people. But this can cause lightheadedness in people with low blood pressure.

What About Your Body?

As with any alternative therapy, there’s only one way to know if it has any unwanted side effects for any particular individual—that is to give it a test and see what effects it has on their system.

CBD is non-toxic and extremely well tolerated by the human body. Side effects from CBD are usually very mild for most people, if not completely non-existent.

The best way to find out is to give it a try. Start with a low dose. Pay attention to your body. Notice any changes in your energy level and focus, mental state, appetite, bodily functions and so on. If you feel uncomfortable in any way, or if you’re just not getting the effects you desire, stop taking it. If, on the other hand, you feel some relief, try upping the dosage a little. It’s best to start in the 5- to 25-milligram range depending on your size and weight, and work your way up from there.

The vast majority of people who use CBD have no problems with it, and many find that it provides them with the side-effect-free relief for which they've been looking.