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What is the Difference Between CBD Vape Additive, CBD Oral Drops, and other CBD Oils?

Three different kinds of CBD liquids can cause lots of confusion among CBD costumers trying to become more informed about the products. These are CBD vape additive, CBD oral drops, and of course the catch-all term of CBD oil.

First of all, because CBD dissolves in oil, and not water, any liquid CBD can be considered CBD oil. When taken directly by mouth as a CBD oral drop instead of mixed into your favorite drink, a few drops of CBD should be placed under the tongue. Just like you're using a thermometer to take your temperature, which puts the CBD closer to the large blood vessels located there. Taking CBD orally like this takes it a little longer to kick in than other methods, like vaping, and provides a longer and smoother effect.

CBD vape additive is a form of CBD oil designed to be added to any other non-CBD vape oil, thus adding the effects of CBD to your favorite vape oil or e-liquid. Want to add CBD to your favorite flavored vape liquid? Go for it. How about a little CBD added to your favorite nicotine vape? Although we don't recommend nicotine itself because of its well known negative health effects, adding CBD to it can't hurt, and if anything just might help a little. So, go for it.