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What Does Pharmacist-Formulated CBD Mean?

What Does Pharmacist-Formulated CBD Mean?

With the hemp market booming now after the 2018 farm bill, new CBD products are practically popping up all over the place. It can be overwhelming. How do you know that CBD will even work for you? How do you know which CBD brands to trust?

Companies like Meds BioTech have created what is called pharmacist-formulated CBD. But what does pharmacist-formulated CBD mean?

What Do They Mean by “Pharmacist-Formulated”?

A lot of CBD products out there will claim to be designed by pharmacists. Pharmacists hold special degrees and have a deep understanding of the biochemical mechanisms of medicines and how they interact with human physiology, including therapeutic effects and any side effects.

When it comes to CBD oil, the most important thing for a pharmacist to do is to guarantee the quality of all the ingredients. They test every ingredient that’s going into CBD products. Only the best ingredients are considered. This ensures not only the safety of the product but that each user experiences the desired and promised effect.

For a high-quality, genuinely useful CBD oil, look only for products designed by or formulated by a pharmacist, like Meds Biotech’s brand new CBD capsules. They are infused with industrial hemp CBD and designed to be easily swallowed so users can take them every day.

What Goes Into Pharmacist-Formulated CBD?

For starters, they source all of their CBD exclusively from organically-grown industrial hemp. There are many active cannabinoids in a hemp plant, but they focus on extracting cannabidiol (the official name for CBD). They extract it with a supercritical CO2 extraction process because it protects all of the natural properties of CBD without using toxic solvents like butane or propane.

Once they extract the CBD, they can refine it further to produce higher concentrates. These are known as isolates. CBD isolates look like a crystalline salt powder, but it’s completely colorless and odorless.

This powder is then added to hemp or MCT oil to create what consumers recognize as high-quality CBD oil. Meds Biotech can then infuse these oils into edibles, capsules, and tinctures so people can use CBD in any way that’s most convenient for their lifestyle.

What Role Does Industrial Hemp Play in Pharmacist-Formulated CBD?

Meds Biotech chooses to source CBD from industrial hemp because it naturally contains more CBD, versus marijuana plants which contain much more THC. They want to keep their products drug free, and they guarantee that there are no illicit or toxic substances in their CBD by having third-party laboratories test each of their CBD products.

Lab results are included with all of their products. Consumers can see the concentrations of CBD and THC as well as the amount of residual solvents and pesticides.

Meds Biotech uses pharmacists to ensure that all of their ingredients, including industrial hemp, continue to meet their increasingly high standards. As the market for CBD continues to grow, they know that being the best means creating high-quality supplements that actually benefit people. Their line of pharmacist-formulated CBD is made specifically for those looking to boost themselves in a practical way.