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How does CBD make you feel?

What Does Using CBD Feel Like?

Here's a frequently asked question by people who are considering using CBD: What does it feel like to use CBD oil?

It’s now common knowledge that THC found in marijuana makes people feel happy, euphoric, relaxed, giddy, amazed, sometimes anxious, paranoid or panicked. In recent years, however, CBD oil (which is normally derived from THC-free hemp) has been touted as being as medicinally beneficial as marijuana, but without THC’s mind-altering side-effects, which are often unwanted.

CBD works with your cells to bring their activities into balance, allowing users to better adapt physically to outside stresses and changes in conditions, helping the body to achieve a state of homeostasis, or balance.

Often you’ll see the term “non-psychoactive” being used to describe CBD. That’s incorrect, as CBD does have some psychological effects. The correct term to apply to CBD is “non-psychotropic.” The difference is that, whereas psychoactive compounds—such as CBD—can affect things like mood and attention, psychotropic drugs—such as THC—can actually change your perception of reality and cause altered states of consciousness.

So, how does CBD make you feel?

The most commonly described feeling by CBD users is a feeling of relaxation and reduced stress.

There's some evidence it can improve mood and that it may act as an antidepressant. In fact, a review from Neurotherapeutics suggests that CBD may help to reduce anxiety. CBD oil consumers often experience greater overall performance each day they use it. Many users of CBD oil often report feeling increased energy. CBD also improves sleep patterns, which can have a drastic effect on your mood. CBD may reduce anxiety behaviors in disorders such as post-traumatic stress disorder and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Again, these are all psychoactive effects, not psychotropic effects.

CBD also has many effects which are not psychological in nature, such as reducing pain and inflammation, acting as an antioxidant, relieving nausea, and much more.

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