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Best Way To Use CBD

What's the Best Way to Take CBD?

What’s the best method of taking CBD? That’s a question that has to be answered on an individual basis. With all the options available, choosing the right CBD product and delivery method can be a daunting experience.

There are several things to consider when deciding which CBD products to use:

  • How often do you need to take CBD throughout the day?

  • How quickly do you need the CBD to work?

  • How long do you need the CBD to last?

  • What are you using the CBD for?

How often do you need to take your CBD?

If you take your CBD a few times a day, such as in the morning and before bedtime, then CBD oil is probably a good choice, either via a dropper or gel caps. Drops can take effect faster when used sublingually (under the tongue where there are plenty of capillaries for the CBD to absorb into). Gel caps will take a half hour or so to start working.

If you need to take your CBD throughout the day, then edibles or a vape pen might be a good choice for you. They are portable and convenient. The big difference between edibles and vapes is how long they take to achieve full effect.

Vaping has an almost instant effect and the highest bioavailability. That means you get more of it into your bloodstream than if you eat it. When eating CBD, some if it gets trapped in fatty tissues or filtered out by the liver.

Vaping won’t last as long as edibles and may require periodical re-dosing.

How quickly do you need your CBD to take effect?

If you’re looking for some fast-acting relief, vaping is your best choice. CBD vapor gets absorbed into your lungs almost immediately, just like the air you breathe. But how often you need to re-dose will depend on how much you vape at a time and how potent the vape oil is.

The next fastest method is sublingual drops (under the tongue) as described above.

If speed is not an issue, but you need to take CBD throughout the day, then edibles are a great choice.

How long do you need it to last?

If you plan on going long periods of time between doses, then edibles are a good bet. They take effect slowly and spread the uptake of CBD out over time. But 4 hours is about the limit of the effectiveness. You may find time-released edible products that last longer.

The longest lasting method for getting CBD is via a transdermal patch. Some patches are designed to last for many hours. Patches slowly release their ingredients into your bloodstream via your skin over the course of time. Patches are also the best way to get a very steady dosage over the course of time. With most other methods, the amount of CBD in your system tends to fluctuate.

What are you taking it for?

CBD can be taken internally, such as orally or via vapor, and can also be used externally such as topicals (skin creams) and patches.

If you’re taking CBD for digestive system health, then edibles, again, are an obvious choice, as they release the CBD right into your stomach and intestines.

If your problem is skin-related, such as rashes, dry skin, psoriasis, acne, etc. then topicals are the obvious choice. Although CBD does make its way to your skin - and everywhere else - when taken internally, if you want the most CBD at the spot of the problem, go with topicals. (And stay hydrated!)

Another use for topicals is pain creams. These are designed to help the CBD penetrate into local muscles and joints. Don’t confuse a skin cream with a pain cream, as they have different ingredients that act differently to treat each problem.

But however you take your CBD, don't forget to enjoy.